Why HirewithSME?

HirewithSME is not the just the regular background check company. While we provide all the services of a regular background check company, our essence lies in providing SME validated interviews.

The consequences of a wrong hire can be disastrous for any organization.

We at hirewithSME are here to prevent just that .  with an extremely strong pool of SME’s we will interview your candidate and make sure that you are hiring the right candidate. The candidates are interviewed by Subject Matter Experts who know the right questions to ask and will generate a thorough, detailed and unbiased report. To maintain absolute transparency, we also provide a video recording of the interview.

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Are you a Jobseeker?

If you are going to be in the job market, you can take steps to prepare for a background check. You can also seek the assistance of our SME and have a more professional recording of your screening to add to your portfolio. Find out all that you can get in our special bundle for job seekers.


Hiring new employees can be a big risk for a business. The resources that go into training and compensation alone can present a huge expense for many companies. Pre-employment screening, if done well, can make sure these expenses turn out to be a good investment instead of a money-pit nightmare.


SMEs are often asked to review, improve, and approve technical work; to guide others; and to teach. Becoming resourceful and important part of a job interview as an SME not only gives them a chance to refurbish know how on the related topic but also keeps them active in the market as potential resources for giant tech companies.

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