About us

Headquartered in the BAY AREA with an office in San Ramon, Hire with SMErepresents creative clients on and between coasts. Our firm specializes in validating your new hire and insuring your on-boarding costs.Due to the everchanging technology and tool stack and with lack ofan in-house expert, identifying a genuine resource becomes very challenging. Hiring a wrong resource can turn a genuine business idea into a failed product.Our solution does not change the hiring process it enhances it by adding a feature where we also provide the video of the interview taken by the SME are carefully monitored to make sure they have the subject expertise.

1.  Post the requirements on the job board

2.  Go through the pile of resumes for days 

3. Shortlist few relevant candidates and schedule interviews 

4. Participate in telephonic/in-person interviews 

5. Initiate onboarding and background check after settling on one candidate 

6. If the candidate fails to perform as per standards, BEGIN FROM STEP 1😰 

1. Sign up with HIREwithSME, upload your requirements and candidate details 

2. Grab your coffee and review our detailed SME report along with video recording of the interview👍🏻 

Faster turn-around time

Our team works spontaneously to provide you with the results you want in the minimum time possible. Since all the interviews are conducted by the SMEs themselves, the candidates are vetted on crucial topics relevant to the domain as well as communication skills, which enables us to deliver the results in about the time as little as brewing a cup of coffee

Accurate reports

One of our unique features is that our result reports are technically real-time notes taken by our SME. Which means that while the SME is interviewing the candidate s/he has the option to make notes and assign points categorized according to each domain, thus presenting you the most accurate report having captured every minute detail about the prospect.

The right SME for you

We at HIREwithSME try to capture the essence of Subject Matter Experts of various IT domains. This helps us to cater to your individual needs and design an interview questionnaire that lets you gauge the domain expertise of the potential candidate. To keep the entire process transparent, we are glad to provide you the SME details on request.

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